Postcards from the Hiking and Knitting tour between Fire and Ice 2018

Here are postcards from the Hiking and Knitting tour between Fire and Ice, the 8th one! I can hardly believe the first one was back in 2011!

I’m so happy with the increasing choice of yarns in Iceland!

Who can resist Icelandic cashmere?

Mosi and Mosi (the dog and the mittens!)

Pretty things we saw at the Museum

They were three…

Then they were six

And eight!

They were twelve happy knitters! Plus me 🙂

Those two I had seen before in 2015 during a Spring Knitting Retreat!

Rainy lunch!

Bianca’s peewall 😉

Apparently, the most difficult thing when you are 68 years old is to restrain yourself from running in front of the group! I want to be like her when I’m 68 years old!

All the lopi sweaters in the tour, from left to right: Stuðlaberg from Maja Siska knitted with Uppspuni yarn, Skógafjall by Dianna Walla, Riddari by Védís Jónsdóttir, two Útivist-sweaters by yours sincerely, and another Riddari.

She made it! The sweater and the hike!

Wind sculptures

Apparently when you are 71 years old, the most challenging part of the tour is not the hiking! I want to be fit like her when I’m 71 years old!

Pretty things we made

Back at my studio, the hardest part of the tour: choosing colors…

Eyjafjallajökull last take. Skál to you all for a wonderful holiday!

I you want to join this tour next year, check out here! Dates for 2019 will be published in September!