Moss: let´s celebrate!

The secret project I´ve been working on last year is almost out of the bag!

I´m absolutely thrilled to announce the soon launch of a new book, Field Guide 26: Moss! But I can´t reveal the designs quite yet. We will have to wait for teh official launch tomorrow… stay tuned!

It wouldn´t be the first time that the spongious and thick Icelandic moss, omnipresent in Iceland, would inspire me. I even have a whole collection of handknits based on it: Mosi. The Mosi collection includes mittens, a hat, socks and a sweater, all using my special Icelandic lambswool yarns.

To celebrate the soon release of the Moss Field Guide 26, I offer you a 10% off the entire Mosi Collection with the code MDKMOSS through February 12th (2024) midnight GMT.

The Mosi collection consists of a sweater, mittens, a hat and socks.


Remember, to get 10% off the entire Mosi Collection, enter the code MDKMOSS through February 12th (2024) midnight GMT at the checkout.
You will find the Mosi Collection:
on my website: patterns and also yarns and kits
– on Ravelry: patterns only
Enjoy and see you tomorrow for the Field Guide 26: Moss reveal!