Knitting tours

Come to Iceland on a knitting holiday and learn about the many Icelandic knitting traditions!

Our knitting travels attract knitters from all over the world. They are a collaboration between Icelandic designer Hélène Magnússon and Icelandic Mountain Guides (Iceland Rovers), a leading tour operator in Iceland.

“My expertise in the Icelandic knitting heritage and my experience as a mountain guide are the staring point of the knitting tours.” says Hélène

The knitting tours are designed to give you an insight into Icelandic Culture and Knitting Traditions. The objective is to mix knitting with the beautiful Icelandic nature and meet local people, knitters, spinners, dyers, designers, farmers. Each tour has its own way of exploring Icelandic knitting heritage, whether it´s by hiking, trekking or by short walks on a discovery adventure. Everyone should be able to find a knitting tour suitable for their needs, would it be our adventurous hiking and knitting tours or our inspiring and confortable knitting retreats. Our selection of knitting travels covers all seasons, summer, winter, fault and spring and each seasonal tour has its own special feature and Icelandic traditional knitting workshops.

Knitting on Ice - The Icelandic knitter - Lopi yoke sweater

Knitting on Ice


Knitting on Ice, October 19-25th, 2015

At the summet of Magni

Hiking and knitting between Fire and Ice


Hiking and knitting between Fire and Ice, August 14-20, 2015


Hiking and knitting with the Elves


Hiking and knitting with the Elves, July 4-11, 2015


Hiking and knitting under the Midnight Sun


Hiking and knitting under the Midnight Sun, June 19-26, 2015

Spring Knitting Retreat Iceland with Helene Magnusson (7)

Spring Knitting Retreat in Icelandic Nature


Spring Knitting Retreat in Icelandic Nature: 21-27, May 2015


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