Sex sweater KIT

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First, let me tell you that this design has nothing to do with sex: SEX means six in Icelandic 😉 This relaxed top-down sweater with 3/4 sleeves is playing on the number six: it makes use of a 6 mm needle (US 10), a lace motif of 6-stitch repeat, and the overall numbers are multiple of sex. It is inspired by simple Icelandic lace shawls decorated with bands of lace motif against a stocking stitch background and ends with a loopy bind-off, typical of Icelandic shawls. It has a very clever construction with an extra lace band across the shoulder blades to raise the back higher. A very quick and enjoyable knit coming into a wide range of sizes from XXS to 5XL: oh no, that’s 10 sizes not 6!

Sweaters shown in Palagonite ochre and Raven black.

Katla Wool KIT (free pattern PDF  English, French and Icelandic with the purchase of the KIT)
You can buy the pattern alone here.

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