Saga Afghan

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The Saga Afghan is a square motif blanket inspired by mosaic tiles. In Icelandic, saga refers to “what is said, statement” or “story, tale, history”. This blanket is a bit the story of its designer, Tinna, an Icelandic crochet artist who shares her time between Iceland and Cuba. Both worlds often reflect in her work.
Each square in the Saga blanket is crocheted in the round from the center and outward, using the mosaic crochet technique (based on the Apache Tear stitch). Once joined, the squares form another motif on the corners! The pattern stitch also offers many possible variations that are described in the pattern.

The kit contains a project bag and enough wool to complete the baby blanket (and much more if you choose the 20 Gilitrutt colors bundle!). Make sure to indicate the Colors of your choice (and which one is the main color) in the notes at the checkout.

Wool KIT  +  optional pattern PDF (in English, French and Icelandic)
The pattern alone is also available here

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