Doll clothes: traditional costume for Theodóra KIT

The charming little doll Theodóra is wearing the peysuföt, an Icelandic traditional costume made for her by Hélène Magnússon. Sewing is kept to a minimum to make the clothes and accessories just as enjoyable to knit as they are to play with! New pieces of clothing will be added regularly to make a complete wardrobe for Theodóra.

The pattern is just for the costume, not the doll that is a separate pattern. Look for all the patterns of the dolls, clothes and accessories.

Yarn used: Létt-Lopi from Ístex 100% pure Icelandic wool, light spun, medium weight, 50g/skein, 50g, Einband-Loðband from Ístex, 70% Icelandic wool, 30% wool, fine lace-weight, 1-ply worsted, 50gr/skein, 50g

Wool KIT, no pattern
The pattern is also available here