Hiking and knitting with the puffins 2022, June 9-16


A breathtaking tour in the West fjords of Iceland: puffins, natural geothermal pools, beautiful sheep, sorcerers, traditional knitting from the Westfjords.

Departure: 2022, June 9-16

This breathtaking tour in the Westfjords of Iceland will takes us to the largest sea-bird cliff in Europe and one of the western most parts of Europe. Home to birds in unfathomable numbers, we will hike by the dizzyingly edges and knit with the fearless puffins, frequenting the grassy, higher part of the cliffs. We will marvel at the enthralling Fjallfoss waterfall, the ever-changing colors of the red sand beach and deep ourselves in the many natural geothermal hot pools of the West fjords. Our journey will also take us to the Sheep Museum in the Strandir area with an exciting and tragic history of witchcraft and sorcery. All the way, Hélène will give us a special insight into the Icelandic knitting heritage and in particularly in the traditions specific to the Westfjords, for example the Skakki shawls and Leaves mittens, and we will learn new and old techniques such as the little-known Icelandic method to knit intarsia in the round. The whirling sensation will not fade, and neither will the memories.

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