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Issue Gilitrutt Collection

The Gilitrutt Collection is a collection of patterns using the beautiful Icelandic yarn Gilitrutt Tvíband. New patterns will be regularly addded to the collection. Made of soft Icelandic lambswool carefully selected by Hélène from Icelandic sheep farmers, Gilitrutt Tvíband is a plied lace that has all of the qualities of the Icelandic lopi wool with the softness. Versatile, it can be knitted on […]

Mosi hat with Gilitrutt in Moss green, Anis green and Raven black

Knitting patterns and kits Mosi Hat

Knitted with the Icelandic lambswool yarn Gilitrutt Tvíband, the Mosi Hat is softly matching the Mosi mittens from the Grýla Collection. The color combinations, inspired by Icelandic nature, are infinite. A lovely pattern by Hélène Magnússon. Yarn used: Gilitrutt Tvíband  or equivalent lace yarn – light fingering yarn would also be suitable    Back to Gilitrutt Collection 


Knitting tour Knitting on Ice

October 17-23, 2016 6-day knitting tour with glacier walk, hot springs, Northern lights; Icelandic lopi yoke sweater Price: 220.000 ISK per person Single supplement: 8.7000 ISK  Group size: 6 – 12  This 6 day long knitting tour is a magical combination of Icelandic knitting, enigmatic nature and delicate autumn colors. It takes us on a glacier walk […]


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Tips & techniques – Rangs raccourcis

Voici un petit tuto que vous attendez depuis longtemps sur les rangs raccourcis en utilisant la méthode du jeté, une technique que j’utilise dans beaucoup de mes modèles car je la trouve très facile à exécuter et quasiment invisible. Vous trouverez des rangs raccourcis dans beaucoup de mes pulls pour rallonger le dos et les épaules et ainsi […]