Grýla Tvíband: 100% new Icelandic sheep wool, plied lace, 2-ply

Grýla is a rare Icelandic 2-ply lace yarn with an exquisite halo, inspired by the Old handspun yarns. Made from pure Icelandic sheep wool, specially selected for its quality, it is plied which makes it particularly sturdy and perfect for knitting hardwearing accessories such as mittens. Washing softens the wool considerably and adds a lovely bloom to the delightful colors inspired by Icelandic nature. You can read more about the making of Grýla here.

Grýla Tvíband is spun in Italy with high quality Icelandic sheep wool, whereas Grýla Tvíband Artisanal is made in a minimill in Belgium with specially selected lambswool: it is therefore very soft but a bit irregular, more like a handspun yarn.

Grýla Tvíband from Hélène Magnússon: 100% new wool, pure Icelandic wool, plied, lace, 2-ply, 25 g / skein = approx. 112 m/ 123 yds

Grýla Tvíband Artisanal from Hélène Magnússon: 100% new wool, pure Icelandic lambswool, plied, lace, 2-ply, 50 g / skein = approx. 220 m/ 240 yds

Gauge:  32 sts = 10 cm/ 4″ on needles 2,5 – 3  mm/ US2  in Stocking stitch