Icelandic Spring shawl

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This lovely lace shawl designed by Hélène Magnússon with the colors of spring retains the main characteristics of the traditional Icelandic lace shawls: the very popular spider lace, undulating striped patterns, a lacy edge and a boomerang shape but here very accentuated making the shawl sit beautifully around the shoulders. Knitted from the top down on big needles and stretched extensively, thanks to Icelandic wool, it’s a rather quick knit and much easier than it seems! Have fun with the colors and join the growing group of Spring shawl serial knitters!

Yarn used: Love Story EinbandGilitrutt Tvíband, Grýla Tvíband from Hélène Magnússon, Einband from Istex or equivalent yarn
Wool KITS available here (3 colors) and here (4 colors)

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