Hulduband from Uppspuni

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The Uppspuni minimill was established in the late summer 2017 by farmer Hulda Brynjólfsdóttir and is the first minimill to exist in Iceland. Hulda produces a range of yarns made with the wool of her own sheep. Her plied Aran wigth yarn Hulduband – literally Hulda’s yarn – refers to the Hidden people (Huldufólk – Icelandic elves) rather than to Hulda herself. The yarn comes into natural sheep colors or is dyed with plants or acid-dyes. Hulduband knits as the same gauge as Léttlopi and can be used with it or any similar Aran weight yarn.


Hulduband by Uppspuni, pure new wool, 100% Icelandic wool, 2-ply, Aran weight, plied yarn, spun in Icelandic minimill Uppspuni, 50 g / skein approximatively 80 m / 83 yds

Gauge: 18 sts = 10 cm /4″ on needles 4,5 – 5 mm/ US 7-8