Doll clothes: Smali & Olivia set KIT


In “Leading the way”, the second episode of The Adventures of Theodóra, find out how Theodóra and Olivia became friends and what a good dog Smali is!

The dog’s pattern is a special collaboration between Hélène Magnússon and best-selling authors Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne. Hélène made Olivia’s stunning lacy coat and felted boots but the adorable accessories (scarf, mittens and hat) were knitted by her young daughters:  they are perfect little projects to teach your daughter or grand-child how to knit or to learn Magic-loop!

The pattern for the doll Olivia (including “klukka” dress and underwear) is the same as for Theodóra. Only the colors are different. It is NOT included in Smali & Olivia pattern. Look for all the patterns of the dolls, clothes and accessories.

Yarn used: Léttlopi from Ístex, 100% pure Icelandic wool, light spun, medium weight, 50g/skein, 50g = ca.100m/109 yds
Einband-Loðband from Ístex, 70% Icelandic wool, 30% wool,1-ply worsted, 50gr/skein, 50g = ca. 225m/246 yds:

Wool KIT, no pattern
The pattern is available here