Cultural Knitting Day Tour – How we Knit in Iceland : weekly

Departure: every Thursday (or on demand for groups), all year long (starting September 6th, 2018)

Day tour in Reykjavík, Iceland’s Knitting Traditions and history
Duration: 4,5 hours

Icelandic wool has been a staple in Icelandic fashion for centuries and knitting is still today a living tradition. During this cultural discovery day tour in Reykjavík, you will gain insight into Iceland’s knitting traditions and history. With visits to yarn shops and our resident knitting designer’s workspace, Hélène Magnússon, you will see how the variety and use of Icelandic wool has evolved over time. On your guided tour of the Open Air museum, you will observe the architecture, living conditions and way of life from earlier time and see how the sheep, the wool and the knitting played an important part. A truly interactive and fun day of learning about Icelandic history through the knitting.


  • Guiding services
  • Entry to the Open Air Museum
  • Transport

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