On my needles … Sur mes aiguilles

I know it often doesn´t look like that, but when I´m away (manage to escape [...]

Tea time

L´heure du thé It´s tea time and I have a tea cozy pattern published in [...]

Vaudou knitting / Tricot vaudou

I don´t know about you, but I don´t seem to be able to knit anything [...]

Knitting through

For another point of view on the Flag design, please follow the link. Pour un [...]

British flag

Le drapeau britannique Last issue of Knitonthenet is on and I have a pattern in [...]


Good news today. I got a grant from the Icelandic Litterature Fund for the translation [...]

Free knitting, free spirit !

My husband is in Iceland at the moment, at the Telemark Skying Festival in Akureyri. [...]

Remember the secret

Souvenirs et secret I was looking for a particular picture: one of an Icelandic sheep [...]

Retour d´Islande

You may want to go and visit Iceland with your family when you read this [...]


Le pull de Sylvía, tricoté par son arrière grand-mère islandaise, Olga, est devenu bien trop [...]

Merci !

Merci à vous toutes, enfin tous, il y avait quelques rares hommes, qui êtes passés [...]

Découverte Aiguille en fête

Plus qu´un jour avant le départ pour le salon de l´Aiguille en fête. Je dédicacerai [...]

Icelandic intarsia knitting: yarn management

Petite leçon: jacquard intarsia, dompter les fils  As promised, here is a little tutorial on [...]

Lace dresses

Robes en dentelle de tricot Back home. A bit exhausted. Most memorable during this intensive [...]

Off to Iceland

En route pour l´Islande I´m going to Reykjavík after a few hours. I´ll be there [...]

Cha va ?

Silly French humor, impossible to translate…

Diamond Rose, Brooch or Button

Diamond Rose, Broche ou Bouton Do you remember my Winter brooches ? You can knit [...]

My worst nightmare

Mon pire cauchemar I found a moth, right in the middle on my stash: it´s [...]

More winter scarves…

Encore des écharpes…

Artic interview

Konur sem gera: Helene Magnusson Helene Magnusson er lögmaður með ástríðu fyrir prjóni og ótrúlega [...]

My Chrismas knitting

We had a wonderful time skying. It was a real vacation, with no computer or [...]

Margot bis

Yet another Margot for Henrietta… And I have a third one on my needles for [...]


The little private sale yesterday went well except for a big cold and a lot [...]

Shop update

New felted light, tea-rose inspired, very romantic… in my shop…Une nouvelle guirlande en feutre, rose-thé, [...]

Vente privée de Noël

Make your own custom made felted lights, have a little Laufabrauð and drink a Jólaglögg! [...]

Bazaar and Winter brooches

This week-end, I will be at the International Bazaar in Luxembourg, Exhibition and Congress Center, [...]

Rieux-Minervois en images

Finally pictures from the exhibition…the opening with dried fish, smoked lamb and trout smoked with [...]

Knitting words

Les mots tricotés We already knew La petite tricoteuse d´histoires(The little knitting teller), Poetry in [...]

Best knitting books

Meilleurs livres de tricot Best new knitting books What knitter can resist a gorgeous knitting [...]

Innlit Útlit

Don´t miss Innlit Útlit on Skjár 1 (a popular weekly TV show about Icelandic design) [...]

Skóleppar Scissors Keeper

The other day, I had a wonderful surprise when receiving a package from the post: [...]


Oh ! La vilaine ! Elle triche ! Comme j´ai oublié de m´inscrire sur la [...]

Icelandic knitting -Tutorial: centre-pull ball on your thumb

Petite leçon: une pelote avec dévidage central “sur le pouce”   This method doesn´t require [...]


Cleaning my computer, I found pictures of the baby blanket from my book, that I [...]

Exposition et atelier

Bon ben voilà tout est dit. Rieux-Minervois se trouve entre Narbonne et Carcassonne, à 1 [...]

Moth alert, again !

The “moth” from previous post did it again: this time it was Rosa (or Violet, [...]

Moth alert (alerte aux mites) !

A big fat moth ?Une grosse mite ? Or a little monster !!!!Ou un petit [...]

Elles sont là !

Qui elles ? Mais les traductions françaises de mon livre, le fameux Tricot jacquard islandais [...]


Tricot´13 pour conjurer le mauvais sort? J´en suis ce mois d´octobre avec pour thème le [...]


Sylvía insisted that I knitted a girly outfit for her friend’ s birthday. Here it [...]