Bjarni Icelandic knitted doll (3)



The masculine version of Theodóra doll

Lopi set for Bjarni doll (1)

Lopi set for Bjarni doll


Lopi yoke sweater, sweatshirt with hood, trousers, sneakers

Brynja doll set

Brynja doll set


Learn the crochet steek and have fun!

Smali and Olivia

Smali & Olivia set


Icelandic sheep dog, lace coat, accessories

Japanese knitted doll for Japan



A thought for Japan


Henrietta’s Lopi Set Clothes


Doll's clothes: lopi yoke sweater, dress and accessories

Theodora's traditional Icelandic costume

Theodóra´s traditional costume


Traditional costume like in the old days...

Icelandic Xmas cat: Theodora, The Icelandic Knitter

Will the Icelandic Christmas cat eat Theodora?


Accessories: two shawls and a blanket

Theodora knitted doll



The adventures of Theodóra, a charming little doll