Tour testimonials and pictures

Tour testimonials and pictures from our previous tours: amazing people, breathtaking nature, fabulous experiences and … Icelandic knitting!

Our group from Boston had a wonderful hiking/knitting adventure with Helene Magnusson. EVERYTHING was perfect. The guesthouse, food, hiking, knitting and most of all Helene. She is a terrific guide who taught us much about the Icelandic culture, land and traditions. Our knitting workshops were superb. We focused on garter intarsia. Learned a lot, challenged ourselves and loved every minute of it. Thank you Helene.” Shelley from Sheep Ahoy Knitting Cruise

“This was simply the best holiday I ever had in my all life. I’m looking forward to coming back in the Spinning tour with Hélène!” Helen Fox, knitter (UK) 

“It’s not just a trekking or a lopi knitting workshop. It’s so much more. It’s a subtile immersion into a culture and the discovery of an island, a volcanoe, a population, a craft activity. Probably the best way to bring back the most beautiful souvenirs from Iceland.” Sébastien Fouere (France), knitter’s companion

“Hélène has a most wonderful way of leading these trips in an encouraging and non-threatening way and the knitting time was magical. Thank you, thank you for an amazing experience.” Sally Cooper, knitter (UK)

“I enjoyed Helene’s knowledge of Iceland and the knitting. It was nice to have both the information about Iceland, culture, history, geology, and the knitting information all in one person! The itinerary was well spaced between travel and stops. The location and food was excellent and knitting was perfect! It is already my second knitting trip with Hélène!” Kathy Depew (US)


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