Hiking and knitting under the Midnight Sun

June 15th - June 22nd, 2017
6-day knitting with the trolls, in the North-West of Iceland; traditional Icelandic mittens

This 6-day tour takes you to the incredible mountain range of Tröllaskagi – the peninsula of the Trolls – in the North of Iceland. In June, the sun doesn’t set so we shall not fear the trolls but enjoy very long hours of daylight to explore the beautiful outdoors of the mountain landscapes, the perched lakes and valleys and to listen to Hélène sharing her knowledge about Icelandic knitting heritage with focus on the traditional mittens. During the tour we will knit a pair of mittens with Grýla or Gilitrutt*, two famous and mean Icelandic trolls…  We will also visit local craftsmen in the area, the Tannery centre in Skagafjörður and the Textile Museum in Blönduós, as well as meet with local spinners and dyers in the Borgarfjörður region. Accommodation in picturesque country guesthouse and farm. Sleeping bags accommodation. Comfortable guesthouse with dressed beds in Reykjavík. This truly is an adventurous and active trip that intertwines hiking and staying outdoors with the Old craft of knitting. See pictures from our previous tours.

*Grýla and Gilitrutt are also the name of two of my Icelandic yarns, perfect for mittens !

Upon booking, and in order to make the hikes enjoyable, please make sure your are familiar with the day-to-day itinerary, the ascents/descents and the number of km/miles walked per day, as well as the list of clothing and walking gear to bring(equipment list). For further information, please contact Saga: saga@mountainguides.is


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