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We provide free support with all the knitting patterns published on the website. If you have any problems or any question about knitting a pattern, or if you find a mistake, please contact us:

Here are a few tutorials we made to help you knit patterns from The Icelandic Knitter. They cover many questions you’ve been asking us and we hope you find then both useful and enjoyable.


Petite leçon: tricot jacquard islandais

Icelandic intarsia: all the basics

Tricot jacquard islandais, dompter les fils

Icelandic intarsia: yarn management

Peloton à dévidage central "sur le pouce"

Center pulled ball on the thumb

Leçon Tricoteuse d'Islande: montage provisoire sur un crochet

Provisional cast on on a crochet hook

Leçon de tricot Tricoteuse d'Islande: montage des mailles en boucle

Disappearing loop cast on

Leçon de tricot Tricoteuse d'islande: couper dans les mailles (steek) (1)

Steek with me ! (1)

Steek with me (2)

Sizing with needle size

Jogless join at color changes

Jogless join at color changes




Spit-plicing and color changes

Spit-plicing and color changes

Working with unspun lopi

Working with unspun lopi

Steeking (3) video

Steeking (3) video


Lace Cast on Variation