Gift coupon

Want to make a gift? You can offer a gift coupon* available on all th eproducts for sale from the Icelandic Knitter website. When you purchase a gift coupon, you will receive a code that you can report for exemple on the little cart provided and give it to the gift recipient. He or she will then visit website, Add to Cart their chosen patterns, kits, books or wool, then enter their code in the Discount Code section of the shopping cart screen to redeem their Gift Coupon discount. 

Download gift tag for printing and trimming,  12 cm x 12 cm (4,5″ x 4,5″) folded in two. Use the white place inside for a personnalised note.

*this Gift Coupon is valid only once. Gift Coupons cannot retain any unspent value for future use. Gift Coupons can be cumulated with other individual discount.

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Gift coupon

10 €