Gamaldags, which means Old fashion in Icelandic, is at first glance a very traditional lopi sweater. A closer look however shows a refined fit with a very feminine allure and an unusually scooped neckline. Instructions for the cardigan also include tips to make a sweater as well as a shorter version, and different colorwork combinations

Yarn used: Léttlopi or equivalent aran weight yarn


Gamaldags Pattern

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Gamaldags KIT (wool without pattern)

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Color combination:


The pattern story

Hélène tells us more about the pattern

The Icelandic “lopapeysa” is probably the most prominent representation of Icelandic knitting today. It is however a fairly recent invention probably dating back to the 50’s and that became immensely popular in the 70’s. Traditionally, lopi sweaters have no front or back. They usually don’t have any shaping in the body and they are worn rather loose. The lopi sweaters I designed aim to refine the shape of the lopi sweater and come up with different yokes. I felt however that a more typical yoke was missing in my collection: Gamaldags, which means old fashioned in Icelandic, is filling the gap!

Gamaldags’s yoke is indeed composed of rather traditional motifs as seen in many old sweaters. Straight forward and geometrical, the way those motifs are combined together nevertheless allows modern and playful colour combinations. What is nothing but dated in this sweater however, is the slim fit, the elegant waist shaping, my signature short rows to create the scooped neckline, a few raglan decreases to avoid excess fabric at the underarms and an overall very feminine look.


The designer

Hélène Magnússon is a leading knit designer in Iceland, the author of many books about traditional Icelandic knitting and the editor of The Icelandic Knitter. She likes to put a new spin on Icelandic traditions. She began her professional life as a lawyer in Paris before she made a complete life change and moved to Iceland, where she studied textile and fashion at Iceland Academy of the Arts and worked as a hired girl in a sheep farm and a mountain guide. The varied skills she learned in those early years richly inform the amazing hiking and knitting tours she passionately guides in collaboration with tour operator Icelandic Mountain Guides / Iceland Rovers. 


Wool, sizes  & info

The pattern

Sizes: 1,2(3,4,5)6,7,8(9,10,11)

Sweater or cardigan (steeked) with darted waist. Slim fit: 0-5 cm/ 0-2” ease. Choose a larger size for a looser fit.

Both grey sweater and white cardigan shown are a size 4, long version. Black cardigan is a size 1, short version. Green cardigan is a size 3, short version.

Finished measurements
A: Bust: 82,86(92,96,100)103,106,112(120,123,127) cm/ 33,34.5(36.5,38,39.75)41,42.5,45(48,49.25,51)”
B: Hips: 87,91(96,100,104)107,111,117(124,128,132) cm/ 34.5,36.25(38.5,40,41.5)43,44.25,46.5(49.75,51,52.5)”
C: Waist: 71,75(81,82,86)89,93,97(104,108,112) cm/ 28.5,30(32.25,33,34.5)35.75,37,38.5(41.75,43,44.5)”
D: Body length to underarm: 39,40(42,44,45)46,47,49(50,51,52) cm/ 15.5,16(16.5,17.75,18)18.5,19,19.75(20,20.5,21)”
D’: Shorter version: 35,36(38,39.5,40.5)41.5,42.5,44(45,46,47) cm / 14,14.5(15,15.75,16(16.5,17,17.5(18,18.5,19)”
E: Yoke depth at the back: 16,16(17,17,17)17,18,18(18,18,18) cm/ 6.5,6.5(6.75,6.75,6.75)6.75,7,7(7,7,7)”
F: Sleeve length to underarm: 44,45(45,46,47)48,49,50(51,51,52) cm / 17.5,18(18,18.5,19)19.25,19.5(20,20.5,20.5,21)”
G: Wrist: 18,18(20,20,20)22,22,22(24.5,24.5,24.5) cm/ 7,7(8,8,8)9,9,9(9.75,9.75,9.75)”
H: Upper arm: 27.75,30(32,34.5,36.5)40,41,42(43.25,44.5,46.5) cm / 11,12(13,13.75,14.5(16,16.5,17)17.25,17.75,18.5”

Gauge: 10 cm/4” = 18 sts and 24 rows on needle 4.5 mm/ US 7

Wool: Léttlopi from Ístex, 100% new wool, 50g/skein = 100 m/114 yds
MC: 7,7(8,8,9)9,10,10(11,11,12) skeins
CC1: 1 skein
CC2: 1 skein

Color combinations shown:

  • White and brown cardigan: MC #0051, CC1 #0053, CC2 #1419
  • Black & grey cardigan: MC #0059, CC1 #0056, CC2 #0058
  • Grey sweater: MC #0054, CCs #1406, #1404 and special dyes bright pink, bright yellow and bright red.
  • Blue/brown yoke: MC : Einrum L+4 (lopi + thai silk) #5444, 50g/skein = 100 m/114 ydsCC's #1404, #0085, #0051, #0867
  • Green cardigan: MC special dye bright green, CCs #1408, #1403, #0051

Kits and wool available on

Other material: for the cardigan, 10 or 11 buttons, in option ribbon twice the length of front opening.

Needles: 4 mm/US 6 and 4.5 mm/US 7 circular needles. Magic loop is used for smaller diameters but you can use DPN’s.

Notions: darning needle, markers, 4 stitch holders

Techniques: The sweater is worked in the round. Body and sleeves are worked in the round then combined at the underarms and the yoke is knitted in the round in stranded knitting. The cardigan is steeked (cut open).

Knitting in the round, stranded knitting (2 colors) duplicate st, increases, decreases, kitchener st, steek.

Pattern: once you've made your paiement, you will receive an email with a link to download the pattern PDF. We don't send patterns by snailmail.

Kit: includes the wool. Kit doesn’t include the needles and notions, nor other material. Shipping costs are not included in the price. Pattern is not included in the kit and should be purchased separately. 

Errata: no mistake was found in this pattern