Brynja litla

If you liked the Brynja lopi sweater, you will probably adore its child version by Hélène Magnússon. Sized from 3 months old to 12 years old with a hood and a zipper, Brynja Litla, litteraly Little Brynja, is knitted rather tight. Many different yarns can be used, such as hardwearing lopi wool or soft alpaca blend. Because children are not miniature versions of adults, the fitted shape follows different rules than the adult version, and the smallest sizes are adapted to babies and toddlers cudly figures.

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Brynja Litla pattern

6 €

The pattern story

Hélène tells us more about the pattern

"Brynja Litla is the child version of the popular Brynja women lopi sweater and comes in 10 sizes, from 3 months to 12 years old. It retains the charming details of its “mum”, like the ribbon on the inside, the picot edging with a contrasting color, but it is adapted to children with a practical hood and a zipper. It is knit tighter than the Brynja in a large choice of possible yarns, from the rustic Icelandic Léttlopi to soft blends of alpaga and wool, more suitable for the little ones.  Because children are not adults in miniature, the fitted shape follows other rules. The yoke is fitted but the body is trapezoidal not to hinder movement. The smallest sizes allow enough room for cuddly little bellies and diapers. The baby sleeves are large enough and easy to put on whereas they are fitted in the biggest sizes.

Gauge is really important

Brynja Litla is knitted tighter than its mum: Icelandic wool is full of air and occupies the space you want to give it. It can be knitted with very different needle sizes and still looks good. Thats is why gauge is really important: knitted with the exact same yarn but different needles, Brynja adult has 7 motifs in the yoke whereas the 12 years old version has 9!

The reason why I decided to knit Brynja Litla tighter is not just so it’s warmer and sturdier. It also allowed to use a great choice of other wool yarn. Icelandic wool has great qualities but it does scratch a bit and is not necesarely suitable for children and little ones. I’m thankful to Laine et tricot who provided Cascade yarn to knit the 18 months old sweater.

But can you steek other wool than Icelandic wool? Yes of course and if you are afraid that it may not be clingy enough, double the seams!

Of course, in order to be called lopapeysa, sweater made in lopi, Brynja Litla ought to be knitted with icelandic wool but let’s not be fanatic!"

The designer

Hélène Magnússon is a leading knit designer in Iceland, the author of many books about traditional Icelandic knitting and the editor of The Icelandic Knitter. She likes to put a new spin on Icelandic traditions. She began her professional life as a lawyer in Paris before she made a complete life change and moved to Iceland, where she studied textile and fashion at Iceland Academy of the Arts and worked as a hired girl in a sheep farm and a mountain guide. The varied skills she learned in those early years richly inform the amazing hiking and knitting tours she passionately guides in collaboration with tour operator Icelandic Mountain Guides. 


Wool, sizes  & info

The pattern

Sizes: 10 sizes

3(6,12,18 months),2,4,6(8,10,12) years old

Finished measurements:

Bust: 46.5(49.5,54.5,60.5)62,63.5,64.5(70.5,72.5,81.5) cm /18.5(20,22,24)25,25.5,26(28,29,32.5)”

Body length to underarm: 19(21,23,25)27,29,31

(33,35,37) cm / 7.5(8.5,9,10)11,11.5,12.5(13,14,15)”

Sleeve length: 16(18,20,22)27,29,33(35,39,41) cm / about 6(7,8,9)10.5,11.5,12(13,13.75,14.5)”

Gauge: 10x10 cm/ 4x4” = 20 sts and 28 rows in st st on needle 4 mm/US 6

Wool: recommended yardage for Léttlopi from Ístex, 100% pure Icelandic wool, 50g/skein = 100m/109 yds: MC #1404 (turquoise) or # 1406 (green), 2(3,4,5)5,6,6(6,7,7) skeins; CC #1409 (red), 1 skein

Models shown: turquoise sweater in 12 years old and green sweater in 10 years old.

If you are using other yarns, yardage may differ. The turquoise sweater in size 18 months was knit with Cascade 220, 100% wool from Peru, 100g skein= 200m/220yds : MC #9455 (turquoise) 3 skeins; CC  #4008 (rubis) 1 skein

Other material: zipper, ribbon (about 3 times the body length to neck)

Needles: circ needle 4 mm/US 6 (using magic loop) and/or DPN’s; crochet 3 mm/US C/2 or D/3

Notions: markers, sewing machine, 4 safety pins

Techniques: Knitting in the round, Magic loop (optional), stranded knitting, short rows, steek.

Pattern: once you've made your paiement, you will receive an email with a link to dowload the pattern PDF . We don't send patterns by snailmail.

Kit: Kit includes the yarn. Kit doesn’t include the needles and notions. Shipping costs are not included in the price.  Pattern comes with the kit as a PDF download, not a mailed pattern.

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