02 – Winter 2010

The Icelandic Knitter is the first Icelandic knitting webzine !

During times of troubles, there is a regain of interest for knitting. It’s not just about saving, it’s also about doing yourself, taking the time to knit for example a little beret and offer it. Knitting also has other meanings. The knitted coin of one Icelandic crown questions the value of handicraft in our society. The versatile Flag cardigan is inspired by a work from Icelandic artist Birgir Andrésson, “United we stand”, and is in fact a wink to the Icesave dispute between the Great-Britain and Iceland.

An important question remains: will the nasty Icelandic Christmas cat eat Théodora ?

"Gleðileg jól" means Happy Christmas in Icelandic! Best wishes from The Icelandic Knitter but be aware of the Icelandic Christmas cat!
Let's dream a bit... of fabulous knitting tours to Iceland...