01 – Autumn

The Icelandic Knitter is the first Icelandic knitting online publication !

At The Icelandic Knitter, we like to put a new spin on old Icelandic knitting traditions. There is more to Icelandic knitting than the popular lopi yoke sweater that is barely half a century old. In this issue, you will for example find an interesting article about the knitting history as well as traditional designs but with a very modern twist. They all tell a story and will let you discover Iceland through the eyes of a knitter.

Tricoteuse d'Islande: knitting in Iceland







Peysufatapeysa: ouvert ou fermé pour laisser voir le plastron en dentelle dessous

Photography: Hélène Magnússon

Come on a fabulous knitting tour to Iceland with The Icelandic Knitter and discover the rich knitting tradition!
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