Grýla Collection

Grýla is a Collection of accessories knitted with Grýla, a rare Icelandic plied lace made of pure Iceland wool, inspired by the Old handspun yarns and created by Hélène Magnússon.

This plied 2-ply yarn is warm but light, fine but sturdy, making it perfect for knitting hardwearing accessories such as mittens or shawls. In the past, they were knitted with very fine yarns, handspun with the þel, the softest and finest part of the Icelandic wool. 

The Grýla collection is based on the tradition with a fresh and modern twist in an array of delightful colors inspired by Icelandic nature. 


During the Hiking and Knitting tour under the Midnight Sun in the Troll Peninsula in Iceland, we learn more about traditional mittens and knit a pair from the Grýla Collection
Grýla is also the name of Iceland's most famous female troll