Gilitrutt Collection

The Gilitrutt Collection is a collection of patterns using the beautiful Icelandic yarn Gilitrutt Tvíband. New patterns will be regularly addded to the collection.

Made of soft Icelandic lambswool carefully selected by Hélène from Icelandic sheep farmers, Gilitrutt Tvíband is a plied lace that has all of the qualities of the Icelandic lopi wool with the softness. Versatile, it can be knitted on a variety of needle sizes and will make deliciously light sweaters and soft baby garments, strong but extrasoft mittens and lacy shawls.

Pure Icelandic lambswool hand selected by Hélène from the Icelandic farmers for its softness from the Icelandic farmers.
A beautiful plied lace in the colors of the Icelandic landscape