06 – Regnbogi

Regnbogi means rainbow in Icelandic and is the name of this 6th Issue of The Icelandic Knitter. You will often see rainbows in Iceland: the weather changes so quickly that very often we have sun, rain, snow and wind, all at the same time, whatever the season is, would it be summer or winter.

It has happened to me more that once to start a hike under a wonderful sunshine, wearing shorts, and then to come back the same day in a snow blizzard sliding on my bag-pack! Or to leave for the mountains all covered in wool and there to take everything off, finishing wearing only my underwear and walking barefoot in the neve in search for a bit of freshness (ok, this happened only once!)

The patterns in this issue are, as the name suggests, very colorful but also suitable for all sorts of weather. It may even reflect a bit in the photoshoot (the lace cardigan in the snow and the warm tam in the heat…)! Patterns will be revealed all year long (winter 2013- summer 2014).



"There is no such thing as bad weather, there are only badly dressed people." (Icelandic saying)
There are beautiful Northern Lights this year in Iceland! In all sorts of colors!