05 – Return to Iceland

Now that I’m back home, in Iceland, it was stime to pull together all the little bits of life and knitting dispatched here and there. Some you may have seen already in a book or during a knitting tour. Other are brand new. There mostly little things, winter gifts to enjoy, to give friends and family, to remember, to dream of Iceland.

A pair of traditional Leaf Mittens from the West fjords with a modern matching beret. A pair of knee socks, traditional but sexy. A little Xmas decoration or a pin cushion, or a lovely and delicate lopi yoke sweater. A little lace scarf, light as feather, knitted with the softest Icelandic yarn.

To my oldest daughter, I offered a lopi sweater: she really needed a new cardigan and rather than to knit her yet another beloved Olga – a model she has been wearing since she was 5 years old! – I made her a brand new lopapeysa at the image of mine. Her sister wanted one as well.  And her young cousin. Then the doll wanted one too, and the doll of the doll as well! So I gave the five of them a sweater.  And then, I didn’t have the time to knit anything for my husband!

Gleðileg jól!

In the Brynja family, I want the mother, the daughter, the sister, the niece, the doll, the doll of the doll and.. the beret!
Icelandic saying: "There'"s no such things that bad weather, only poorly dressed people"