Wools of Europe

The exhibition Wools of Europe is a unique show introducing the various European wool breeds. The multilingual catalogue that accompanies this travelling exhibition is a valuable instrument for the coordination and the identification of the European wool sector. The Icelandic wool was represented by a wonderful design by Hélène Magnússon.

To know more, read the article under and visit the website L’Atelier to see pictures of this amazing exhbition.

EDIT: the exhibition is travelling and is currently at the Musée Museum départemental of Gap, France, from June 19th to September 28th, 2011.


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25 x 20,5 cm, 256 pages
Price of the catalogue: 28 €

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The project was a little crazy.

An exhibition with wools of one hundred sheep breeds of Europe to show their diversity and the wide range of products made with European wool.

wools of one hundred sheep breeds of Europe

To enable the public to discover the wide range of products that can be made with European wool. To link the sheep breeders, producers of a natural and renewable raw material but often without any value, to the enterprises, craftspeople or artists, users of theses fibres who are often unaware of the processing involved.

In May 2010, the association “ATELIER-Laines d’Europe” (http://pagesperso-orange.fr/atelier.laine) and the Consorzio Biella the Wool Company (www.biellathewoolcompany.it) presented for the first time in the Bergerie Nationale de Rambouillet near Paris, the exhibition “Wools of Europe” with about 90 sheep breeds from 27 European countries.

On the two floors of the exhibition, one could see the photos of the sheep, touch the fleeces and discover the products made with each of these wools; clothes, blankets, carpets, design objects, works of textile art.

Several thousands of persons visited the exhibition

Several thousands of persons visited the exhibition with interest and admiration: Sunday hikers and children visiting the Bergerie Nationale, crafts people and artists of the Festival des Arts de la Laine, merino sheep breeders of Australia or New Zealand as well as wool traders and processors from the whole world attending international conferences in Rambouillet.

The project has aroused curiosity and hope.

Several exhibitors came from far (Finland, Sweden, Croatia, Czech republic, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK,…) to see the exhibition and  meet the others participants who already - as they – produce and process wool in Europe.  Some cooperations already exist across the borders, others will develop.

The exhibition stays now in Biella, Italy, and then will travel from one country to another, at events linked with sheep, textiles or fashion. It will be enriched at each stage with new breeds and new products.

A multilingual catalogue was published, with all photos and texts from the exhibition.

A multilingual catalogue was published, with all photos and texts from the exhibition.

It is available from either of the two partners of the exhibition. The catalogue as well as the exhibition contributes to make known to a large public the qualities of wool as well as the men and women producing and processing it with passion. There common aim is promotion for the wools produced in Europe and for the European wool sector, breeders, craftspeople, artists and enterprises.  Hopefully, it will reinforce the links within the sector and develop new paths, at a time when the world is awakening to the importance of wool as being natural, ecological and sustainable.