Icelandic Handknits – errata

It is very frustrating to see mistakes in a pattern book. Mistakes do happen however at every stage of the making of a book, even after test-knitting and tech-editing when book is being layed out and charts redrawn. It’s frustrating and I’m very sorry for the inconveniences it may cause.

p 10: Picture caption: Halldóra is wearing the upphlutur.

p 21 Checkered beanie Chart A: st 1 /rows 18 and 19: should be k tbl instead of k2tog

p 25, 30: Leaf mittens, slouchy cap & scarf: the material listed in each pattern is for the whole set, used in proportions of about 15% for the mittens, 25% for the cap and 60 % for the scarf.

p 33 Leaf Mittens Chart A2: the blue leaf motif on rows 10 to 18 /sts 28 to 56 has been accidentally mirrored. Please read rows 10 to 18 as follows: sts 1 to 27 from right to left, and sts 28 to 56 from left to right

p 36 Skagafjörður mittens: inc for thumb gusset (…) knit next 4 rnds* 4(5) times – 40(44) sts

p 45 and 49 Nordic leaf mittens: Sizes women S(M,L). Rose pattern C: some sts should be worked with CC1 not MC in order to keep the rose symmetrical: sts 9 and 27/row 8 ; sts 16 and 20/ row 15; sts 15 and 21/ row 16

p 57 Perluband: Halldora beaded chart: extra line of beads on row 9 should be deleted and O letter is missing. As consequence, there are 14 rows missing in the blank chart as well and the row numbering should end with 221 not 207.

p 59 Picture caption: New fallen snow on the idyllic Icelandic church in Þingvellir

p 63 Skautbúningur: Yoke decreases: a third dec rnd is missing: in last rnd before BO steeks p sts, dec 3 sts in the rnd (4 in size XXL) = 94,102(110,118,122)132,140,143 sts

p 68 Caption missing under picture: “It is Halldóra Bjarnadóttir’s mother, Björg Jónsdóttir from Hof í Vantsdal, who knitted the jacket for her daughter with a 3-ply band. Visitors will usually not notice it is knitted unless they are told especially. The Textile Museum in Blönduós HB569″

p 90 Icelandic soft shoes: Dec in every rnd, k to 3 sts before EOR

p 93 Step Rose cushion 16″/40.5 cm square

p 103 Togara socks: Toe: Rnd 1: *Knit to 3 sts before m, ssk, k2, k2tog* twice, k to EOR

p 118-119 Margrét triangular shawl: Missing symbol in chart key: k on RS and WS (garter st borders).
Chart A: st 19 /row 3: should be k instead of k2tog. The red frame indicating the repeat is missing around the sts 16-21 /rows 19-25.
Chart B: st 12 / rows 25,27,29,31,33,35: should be ssk instead of k2tog
Chart D: missing yo on st 32/row 3
Major mistakes in chart C:

 Margret Chart C

p 123 Lace Hood: Chart B row 5 should be an eyelet row:*k2tog, yo* to end instead og k2tog, k11; there are 2 missing k2tog symbols on sts 9 and 11 / row 45

p 131 Lacy Skothúfa: Chart: missing ssk symbol on st 4/row 19; st 22/row 25 should be k not s2sk.