Love Story Lace yarn

Love Story is a rare product created by Hélène Magnússon. It is a story of love and friendship to make the best out of the Icelandic wool… when you’re  kind with it, Icelandic wool is really soft…

Made of 100% new Icelandic lambswool, it is a little challenge to spin together into such a fine yarn the tog, the outer long glossy hair, and the thel, the soft and short inner hair of the Icelandic sheep. Made with first category lambswool, especially selected, the yarn is handled very gently, is not bleached  or treated, hence its softness. It comes undyed in five natural sheep colors: white, black, brown, grey and dark grey but also in prunes and blues made with natural dyes. More colors will come later.

Love Story, Artisan, by Hélène Magnússon, 100% pure virgin wool, 100% Icelandic lambswool, fine lace weight, 1 ply,  25 g skein/ 160 m



Love Story, skein 25 g

9 € (plus shipping cost)

Natural sheep colors and natural dyes colors: