Knitting through it: Inspiring stories for times of trouble

“Three stitches per second” is my contribution to the book “Knitting through it: Inspiring stories for times of trouble” (Voyageurs Press, 2008) after Lela Nargi. I tell how knitting help me stop smoking. Most knitters know it: getting through a difficult time often means knitting through it. Its this home truth that comes through clearly in the writtings gathered in this book.

Hardcover, 7.3 x 5.3 x 1.1 inches, 224 pages

Price list: 17.95 $


A excerpt from Hélène's contribution: "Three stitches per second"

"I did not decide to quit smoking. (...) The withdrawl didn't go smoothly and often approached crisis. As soon as a crisis began, I put a piece of nicotine gum in my mouth, rushed headlong for my knitting, and knitted frenetically - five stitches, one row, one minute, two rows, my heart beating fast and my hands damp. Until it passed. Then a second crisis would begin, too soon to take another piece of nicotine gum. I threw myself into my knitting and knit like I'd entered a trance. One stitch, one second, two stitches, two seconds. At full speed I chewed the gum that had been completely emptied of its nicotine. Ten rows a minute. I counted the stitches aloud: 12 stitches, three stitches a second. I couldn't keep this pace up for very long. I don't believe that I would be capable of knitting so quickly today. Then the crisis was over. And there I was like a madwoman, chewing frenetically and panting out numbers - 56 stitches - my body tensed, bent forward, with my hands shaking, one stitch dropped - 123 stitches - my mouth bloody because I'd bitten my tongue - 354 stitches."