Icelandic Color Knitting: using Rose patterns

The book “Icelandic Knitting: using Rose patterns” (Search Press 2008) is the result of Hélène Magnússon’s research on floral patterned knitted insoles used in sheep and fish skin shoes in Iceland. Her goal is to preserve an old, unique Icelandic tradition that was being lost and try to give it a new life with new modern patterns. It was first published in Icelandic in 2006, Rósaleppaprjón í nýu ljósi (Salka) and in English in 2007, Icelandic Color Knitting: rose-pattern knitting in a new light (Salka). A French translation is also available.

Paperback, 23 x 23 cm, 160 pages
Be aware: different covers exist.

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Errata are available for this book:
errata for “Icelandic Color Knitting” (Salka 2007)
errata for “Icelandic Knitting using Rose Patterns” (Search Press Ltd 2008) 

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More about the book

The book contains a complete history of the knitted inserts and contemporary knitting projects all based on traditional insoles motifs. The 26 patterns are made up on the basis of the designs and color schemes seen in the old inserts and are an attempt to work with the old knitting tradition in an innovative way. Hélène has tried to remain true to the original color schemes of the inserts I chose, and the traditional methods used in making them.

The book got an Award at the Women Litterary Festival of Iceland in 2007, and a grant from the Icelandic Litterature Fund in 2008. It is available in English, Icelandic Knitting using Rose Patterns (Search Press 2008) and in French, Le tricot jacquard islandais ou le renouveau de la semelle tricotée islandaise.

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Errata are available for this book:
- errata for "Icelandic Color Knitting" (Salka 2007)
- errata for "Icelandic Knitting using Rose Patterns" (Search Press Ltd 2008)