Álafoss lopi: 100% new wool, unspun, chuncky weight

Álafosslopi is a chuncky weight yarn made from 4 made of four strands* of unspun lopi slightly twisted together by machine. Garments and accessories knitted with it are very warm and suitable mainly for outdoors use rather than indoors. Very insulating, they are nevertheless very light and will allow you for example to knit a whole coat in garter stitch such as my Flowerpot without much weight.

The name Álafosslopi comes from the old mill called Álafoss (replaced by Ístex in 1991): it is the name of the waterfall (foss) that alimented the spinning mill at the end of the 19th century.

* in practice however, if you want to replace Álafosslopi by Plötulopi, 3 strands will be enough to obtain the correct gauge


Álafosslopi from Ístex: 100% new wool, unspun with light twist, chuncky weight, 100 g: skein = approx. 100 m/109 yds

Gauge: 13 sts = 10 cm/4″ on needles 6 – 6,5 mm/US 10 – 10,5



Álafosslopi, 100 g skein

6 €



Make your choice among 49 colors! Most of the shades are obtained by carding together different dyed colors. The shades are classified according to the Ístex shade card. Click on the pictures in the slideshow above to see them bigger.

Please note that the colors shown are as closed as they can be from the real colors but there can be variations from one monitor to another.

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