Postcards from the Spring Knitting Retreat 1, 2016


Such a fun time these little guys had with the knitters from my first tour of 2016, the Spring Knitting Retreat in Icelandic Nature


You could follow their tour on my instagram or facebook page with the tag #springknittingretreaticeland but here are much more pictures! Enjoy!

2016-05-19 11.22.57

Which one do you like best, the lamb or the lopi sweater?

2016-05-19 11.34.19


The lambs liked my Hila scarf better!


2016-05-19 11.36.28

So many nice colors to play with at Hespa!


2016-05-19 13.38.00

Smáli and Tryggur got to know each other… who’s afraid of whom?

2016-05-19 13.40.54

Happy knitters!


2016-05-19 14.40.17  

HOT spring and Theodóra being adventurous!

2016-05-19 15.19.38


New friends! Little cashmere kids!

 2016-05-19 16.30.58

A cashmere goat, 2 dolls and a dog – who is afraid of whom?

2016-05-19 16.31.56

No one!


2016-05-19 16.24.40

New friend!

2016-05-19 16.34.09

Herding knitters! The Spring Knitting Retreat is my only non-hiking tour but some knitters managed to escape on a short hike…



2016-05-20 14.39.35

In the meantime, Henrietta and the rest of the group are keeping busy working on their Lopi sweaters.

 2016-05-20 20.39.19

I’ve been knitting something with my soft Gilitrutt in the Askja blue shade…


2016-05-19 14.42.20

More friends!

2016-05-19 19.11.10

2016-05-19 19.11.26


11:15 PM Evening bath for Henrietta and her knitting friends

2016-05-20 23.13.59-2 

TURF FARM – Exciting visits today for us knitters but it’s always a pleasure to knit in the baðstofa here! The shades of Gilitrutt in the foreground.

 2016-05-21 12.24.51 copy

2016-05-21 12.08.22

The knitters are now steeking (cutting open) their sweaters to make cardigans with the help of Henrietta at the sewing machine (to secure the edges before we cut). I love my little assistant! 

2016-05-22 11.41.51-2 

13 little lopi sweaters with a view on the fjord and seals

2016-05-22 21.54.38 copy

2016-05-22 21.54.31 

Henrietta is so proud of her students!

2016-05-22 22.01.38 copy

More friends!

2016-05-23 09.15.45 copy

The “famous” Álafoss waterfall! Henrietta is chilling in her new lopapeysa while the knitters are doing a “bit” (ahem…) of shopping.

2016-05-23 13.27.57 copy

Bjarni took it easy during the trip and also made some new friends. Can you hear the sheep snoring? 

2016-05-19 14.19.32

 All the patterns for the dolls, their clothes and the dog are here!

2016-05-23 13.30.16 copy   

See you next time!

2016-05-21 08.47.11


  1. Everything about the retreat looks amazing. It’s a dream of mine to go one day. Those little lopi sweaters are just beautiful! I love all the photos, and the dolls and animals are so sweet. Is the little boy wearing a large sweater or wool pants too? He looks nice and warm. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful images of the tours. Inspiring!

  2. The knitters to thank! :-) The little boy is wearing an overall :-)

  3. What a perfectly splendid time everyone is having! I love the pictures of all the little cardis. And of course, the goats. Cannot have too many pictures of the goats. (I raise cashmere goats ;)

  4. I was on this trip! Helene and Henrietta are such great tour guides. I am in love with all things Iceland – the people especially!

  5. I was on this trip too!! If you love knitting and adventure…this trip is a must. From beginning to end you can feel the love Helene has for all things Icelandic and knitting. Thank you, thank you Helene for such a wonderful experience!!!

  6. This trip was a great experience. Thanks Helene!

  7. What a wonderful time we had! Thank you, Helene!

  8. Awesome trip – thank you Helene!!!

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