What’s blooming in your Flowerpots!


The Flowerpot coat never fails to impress!  Everywhere you wear it people will notice the unique design and interesting texture. What I am finding fascinating are the wonderful color palettes you knitters are using to create your own Flowerpots.  I want to showcase some of the lovely finished coats you have made; I am proud to be part of your creative process! (And I couldn’t resist finding flower names for the colors of each of your coats! )

Arna’s Flowerpot is an explosion of “Fuschias”:


From Pascale comes “Blue Mystique Orchid” – this heathered blue, grey and black beauty:

flowerpotPacale2 (2)flowerpotPascale1 (1)

 KnitNorth ‘s “Tiffany Blue Dahlia” shows how beautiful glacier blue can be in a bouquet:


 Ellalc2′s elegant  “White Roses” with bold geometric shoulders would be a beautiful wrap over an evening gown:


 “Pink Carnations” from Ribbel2 is a cheerful nod to spring:


 Chiko’s Flowerpot celebrates  Hibiscus with it’s mix of red and yellow :


SandreetCie’s bunches of Geraniums is shown decorating the bow of a ship and in-progress:


 Plektou   brought an autumn feel with the “Chrysanthemums” and shows us buttons being made:


Patchelle created  a “Black Star Calla Lily” coat, worthy of it’s stellar name:


 And last but not least is Asta’s bouquet of Viburnum, a lovely contrast of softest green with pale grey. 



EDIT: I couldn’t find the one from Claire, a wonderful bouquet of Yellow flags.

What color flowers have you planted in your Flowerpot?

Pattern and wool here.



  1. So many beautiful sweaters! I’m thrilled and honoured to be among them. I better get my flowerpot finished! Thanks for this gorgeous pattern

  2. Merci! je ne le retrouvais pas ce beau Flowerpot vert!!

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