Some green in the Spring snow!


That was indeed one of those sunny days but very windy and the light powder snow from the night before was furiously flying in the air, blinding the view, causing cars to stop and slide and roads to close. Don’t let the white fool you: spring is absolutely in the air! 



For this cross-country skying escapade, pushed by the wind, I was wearing the Gamaldags sweater I knit for myself: I made the short version which suits my figure better and used for the main color Léttlopi bright green specially dyed for the Handknitting Association of Iceland (for sale on my website) and regular Léttlopi colors #1408, #1403 and #0051. Although that was the plan, I’m still amazed myself how so much different the yokes look when changing the colors and the way they are combined!








The pattern and kits are for sale on my website and finally also on Ravelry (you can now link your projects!) 


And here is what it looks like on the inside!



PS: my students from the Edinburgh Yarn Festival will recognize the sweater (see East London Knit blogpost from March 31st, 2015), then half finished!



  1. The Gamaldags cardigan looks beautiful!! Thensetting stunning,what a glorious day you must have had!!
    I feel inspired to “have a go”at knitting one too,maybe bleu as a base,maybe grey?? I will wait and see,the yoke will,I’m sure be different again!
    I love the fur collar you wear in the photographs,very elegant!!

  2. Thanks Edwina! :-)

  3. Bonjour!

    Merci de tout coeur de nous faire partager toutes ces belles images et votre savoir!

    A la prochaine,
    Sainte-Adèle, Québec, Canada

  4. I just purchased the wool for this sweater. I love the design, the green, and the whole look of it. Now I am wondering where the buttons and the ribbon covering the steek can be purchased. The buttons perfectly match the green and the narrow jacquard ribbon is a product not easily acquired in the US.

    Thanks so much. Love the site. Love your work!


  5. We don’t have much choice in Iceland either… got the ribbon and buttons in a local shop. I usually go with the finished sweater to make sure to find something that matches.

  6. Thanks Helene,

    I have a question about knitting the steeks at the patterned yoke area for this cardigan. As this is my first time with steeks, do you suggest I make one purl stitch in one color and the other purl in the other color when doing the stranded color work?

    So looking forward to knitting this! Thanks!

  7. I usually do the purl sts in the color I have in hand when I come to the purling and let the other color float loosely at the back: you can check my steek tutorial If you feel insecure, it’s a good idea to try on your swatch!

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