The bride’s lopapeysa


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From time to time, I take orders for custom made finished sweaters of mine. I will usually have them knit by a professional knitter after I have made all the requested modifications or adaptions in the pattern ( in terms of size, shape, or adding a hood, etc…). Last spring, I received a very special request from a young woman from Holland for a Fimmvörðuháls sweater: very special indeed because it was going to be her wedding sweater when getting married the following summer in Iceland. The sweater had to be a cardigan, cropped with three quarter sleeves and matching her dress of course, as well as the groom’s outfit.  Since all the process was going to be made through email, I was a bit stressed and overwhelmed by the trust she was putting into me and decided to knit it myself. I asked for her full measurements and she gave me details about the kind of fit she wanted to achieve.

But first was to choose the colors: I proposed a few combinations.


Here was the final choice.


I couldn’t find buttons I liked in Iceland but stumbled on the perfect ones during my summer holiday, close Granville. Rather than a ribbon, I chose a lace trimming to hide the steek.


brudkaup1 WP_20140811_001 


Once completed to the dimensions agreed, I suggested to the bride that the sleeves would be lengthen a bit, to which she agreed. I then proceed with a bit of knitting surgery.

WP_20140811_003 WP_20140811_004 

Here was the cardigan blocking in the sun. 


Yarn, extra buttons and lace trim were set aside, just in case!


The bride had now arrived in Iceland: final trial and a perfect match! Ouf!


Epilogue: the bride was so happy with her lopi sweater that she decided to learn how to knit and become a knitter!


PS: and before you ask, the pattern is Fimmvörðuháls sweater  (tips for making a cardigan are included in the instructions) and the colors  used are: MC Léttlopi 0051; CC1 Léttlopi 1418; CC2 Plötulopi 0003 used doubled 


  1. I love this whole story. There is so much beauty here — in your art, the construction details, your kind feelings, and the beautiful bride. It all makes me want to get married again in Iceland.

  2. What a beautiful cardigan. What an expectional wedding outfit. Make me want to marry again!

  3. Beautiful bride, gorgeous cardigan! I love the lace, the buttons, everything about it! You were very brave to take on this project…the pressure, the expectation! Bravo!

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  5. Stunning! The attention to detail is amazing and the finished garment is wildly beautiful.

  6. Thanks Andrea!

  7. J’adore!!!!! Magnifique!!!! Si féminin!!!!!Bravo Hélène !!!

  8. Merci! :-)

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